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Wavepad Free Audio Editing Software Wavepad Free Audio Editing Software

for Windows 8, 7, Vista, Xp
WavePad is music editing program for Windows PC computers. WavePad allows you to create and edit voice, music and other sound recordings. You can duplicate sections of recordings and add echo, amplification, noise reduction and other effects.
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Wavepad Free Audio Editing Software's Review

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If you are an amateur music producer, musician or just interested in sound, the chances are you will want to use some audio editing software. Audio software can be very expensive, easily reaching high three-figure valuations for something, which you probably don’t need. Enter WavePad Sound Editor. WavePad Sound Editor is free for non-commercial use and is the perfect tool for anyone just getting into audio editing as an alternative to expensive high-end software.

With WavePad you can cut, chop, paste, insert and trim audio loops within songs. You can normalize tracks, apply reverb or delay, adjust sound levels and EQ. Along with the editing and effects capabilities of WavePad, the software also includes a strong spectral analysis tool, which is perfect if you have a more technical interest in sound. WavePad concentrates on ease of use and so once you have a track or audio loop open, it is very easy to apply effects, chop up the track or perform some basic audio edits. 

Pros: Easy to use, free, great basic capabilities.

Cons: Misses many features that professional software would have. 

Conclusion: WavePad meets the demands of a very particular market sector: those wanting to try their hand with music editing or who want to touch up a few old recordings. It lacks the fully-fledged recording, advanced mastering or production techniques that high-end audio software has, but in its place is an easy-to-use, well-rounded editor that’s free to use for commercial use.

Wavepad Free Audio Editing Software Wavepad Free Audio Editing Software

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